Collective Energy = Wow

The energy of a collective makes pursuit of big ideas possible. This is true for Back to Basics: without the effort of a few for months followed by an intense amount of effort and energy by many, this long-running event wouldn’t be the success it is today!

Another great example of collective energy resulting in realized dreams is that of co-ops. While there are different types of cooperatives, the one many consumers see commonly is that of food co-ops. In this region of MN, we are fortunate to have a few options up and running with a few more in process or emerging! Co-ops have been supporters of Back to Basics (B2B) from the beginning! We gratefully accept the donation of Peace Coffee made possible by the Crow Wing Food Co-op (Brainerd, MN). The Ideal Green Market Cooperative (Ideal Corners, MN) donates tea and the Countryside Co-op (Hackensack, MN) is donating trail mix ingredients this year. Often, local co-ops host booths at B2B, too. This year, visit with Crow Wing Food Co-op, Ideal Green Market Cooperative, and the in-formation-phase Free Range Food Co-op (Grand Rapids, MN). This is a great opportunity to ask questions to understand membership, offerings at each co-op, and much more!


Back to Basics has become a hub in the winter for people to connect. Our local food co-ops are an integral part of making it happen.

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Back to Basics 2020 – An Interview w/ Presenter Laura Adrian

*For complete event details including workshop descriptions, vendor list, and to register and pay online, visit If you’d like to register now, you can go to our online registration site.*


At every Back to Basics, we try to get a wide variety of workshop presenters. We stick with ones that have filled out year after year but we also like to make sure that new topics are introduced to bring a fresh feel to the event.

We do this to keep B2B an attractive use of your time, which is a challenge we love to attack. We get so many quality speakers and workshops, it’s amazes me. However, the underlying truth is that available time is becoming more and more of a diminishing product. There are constant demands on our attention from sun-up to lights-out.


Laura Adrian will be presenting two workshops at this year’s B2B, one on Kundalini Yoga and the other focusing on using Earth energies to heal.

I had a chance to chat with first time B2B presenter Laura Adrian who’s trying to tackle this phenomenon through the art of targeted yoga and nature immersion experiences.

In her first workshop, Healing with the Earth, Adrian, founder of Whole Life Elevation & from the School of Earth Medicine, will help participants focus on becoming aware and in tuned with the energies of the Earth. She feels that once a person is able to become more in synch with these energies, they will be able to defend against many issues currently assaulting our society.

“Historically, people have spent most of their lives outdoors, [yet] now in a very short time we’ve inverted that to spend most of our time indoors! Add in sedentary living, less community, and changes in food sources, it’s no wonder people are experiencing off the charts physical and emotional health issues.”

In a frank disclosure, Adrian opens up about working in a well paying, stabilizing, yet increasingly dissatisfying career, which made her feel stifled and trapped as a “caged bird”. (If you want to read more about it, you can at Adrian’s website Whole Life Elevation).

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Back to Basics 2020 – Our Longtime Partnership with PR-B Schools

We’re about to hold the 14th annual Back to Basics sustainability event and everyone on the Happy Dancing Turtle staff works with a passion and vigor for months before the event even takes place (Saturday, February 15). Yet, even with our “all hands on deck” mentality, we must ask for outside help, and that’s why we’ve continually returned to the Pine River-Backus school system year after year.


We use countless rooms in the PR-B school and even though our event causes disruption, teachers and staff continually agree to let us hold B2B at the school. Why? Because they’re awesome!

As B2B has increased in attendance and prominence in the region, we’ve discussed if now was the time to move to a larger, more centralized facility. We’d hold these discussions and we would, every time, come back to the conclusion that the PR-B school district bends over backwards for us.

Let’s go over what awesome work the PR-B school district does for B2B.

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Back to Basics 2020 – A Primer

It’s several weeks into the new year, and things are growing busier and busier around the HDT office. Workshop sessions and vendor spaces are filling up so it appears we’re well on our way to another spectacular Back to Basics.


Last year’s B2B Keynote Speaker, Kent Solberg, reaches out to a room full of listeners.

Back to Basics has become the premier sustainable-living event in north-central Minnesota! Each year returning and new participants eagerly await the wide variety of workshop topics. Presenters come from MN and WI to share their knowledge, skills, and experience.

What’s the draw, you might ask?

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