Happy Dancing Turtle is a non-profit that has a mission to build, demonstrate, and promote sustainable living in ways that are economically and ecologically practical. This blog is one tool we are using to help inspire, education, and inform.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Bob, I think my son ( who has a place up here in the summer) would like a chance to meet with you. He is a executive committee member, and working partner in S power. They are based in salt lake and have become the worlds largest private solar (and wind) commercial utility. He is passionate about being green and I am sure he would enjoy meeting you to discuss what you are doing


  2. Hi Rick
    Great to hear from you. It would be fun to offer your son an introduction to the Hunts and a tour of campus. It sounds like he would have a lot to share with Paul Hunt and the team of engineers. Please have him contact me and when the date for the visit is set – YOU SHOULD COME WITH HIM!!!
    Have a great day


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